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software development orange county

Software development in orange county is a unique solution. The most popular uses are web and app.

OC Imagine’s software development provides companies with custom software.

This means that your software will work better. For instance, our custom software is not generic software.
Our award winning team has years of experience. Which is designing applications in Southern California.

They are considered experts in this field. With these experts on your side. Rest assured you’ll get a top-notch product without wasting time!

Software Development Orange County
custom web application development services

Application Development

OC Imagine is an application development company. It provides a wide range of services. This includes mobile app web solutions and web design. We provide custom software development services to companies in orange county.

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Custom Software Application

OC Imagine offers a full range of custom software and design development and integration for a broad spectrum. Also the needs for industries, and large corporations to small businesses. Our software developers work together with our graphic designers’ develop mobile apps or website designs. They effectively meet your goals for your corporation, regardless of industry.

custom web application development services

Software development companies

There are many software companies in Orange County CA. Few specialize in custom software development. For a wide range of industries and technologies. OC Imagine is a software company that works with individual clients to create custom solutions.

There are many reasons to choose a custom software solution. First, we work with you to understand your needs. Also desires for your software based tools. No matter the industry and create custom solutions that fit those needs.

Custom software development companies like us can provide features. 

We can also design custom software development.

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Why do businesses choose to make their own custom software?

In today’s global business environment. It is more profitable to own a software program. This has been specifically designed for your company.

This method of developing custom software allows businesses to have flexibility. They need at a price point that makes sense for their budget.

Custom software development companies will create the exact product for users. They conduct extensive research on current software products in use by similar businesses. Also pinpoint deficiencies with those programs. Take active steps to rectify those issues for the new software.

Software Development Orange County

What is an agile methodology?

Agile software development is a suite of concepts and principles. They are used to guide companies in their production and design of custom software. Agile methods stress the importance of flexibility. Something that is necessary with the ever-changing nature of technology and computer programs.

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The price to develop custom software varies. Of course, the scope of the program will have an impact on price. Other aspects that affect the final cost include user interface design. This includes programming language, number of users, security requirements, and more.

Time to develop is another factor that costs will depend on. Usually, the longer it takes to develop a custom software solution. 

There is a higher the price can be. Many companies are in a time crunch with their current software not meeting business needs. A trusted custom software development company can provide a solution.

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What's the best way of developing software?

Rather than build a program from the ground up. Custom software companies take another route.
They carefully study current software products in use. Using similar businesses to pinpoint shortcomings with those programs. Custom software development companies will then create a production. This addresses these issues while implementing new features.

Before building a custom software program. Our software developers will spend time with the client.
This determines their exact needs and wants. They’ll also head up research on current products. Which is in use by other related businesses.

Some examples of custom software are:

  • Accounting and Payroll software
  • Inventory control systems
  • Project management software
  • Architecture and engineering software
Software Development Orange County

Software Development IN Orange County

The first step in the custom software development process is the discovery phase. 

The discovery phase sets out to discover what your business needs. Also how you plan on using the program. During this phase, the developer will conduct extensive research into your company’s history. 

Current software usage, assets and resources, leaders and their personal goals. For the organization, competitors and market areas, and potential future plans.


The discovery phase is also where the vision for the program is developed. The developer meets with key leaders. Which will determine what it is they wish to accomplish. Also how this custom software can help them reach those goals. They will conduct brainstorming sessions. This gathers as much information as possible about, needs, and future growth for the company.

Once all information is gathered, a proposal will be put together.  The proposal shows the total investment needed from start to finish. 

This includes development time and expected expenses during that period. Such as labor or outside services. It also breaks down exactly what the developer will build for you. 

The Discovery phase is not a luxury. This is a must. For all the development solutions. OC Imagine recommends this phase. 

Software development can be organized or messy. In today’s fast paced world and quick turnaround. We are a one stop solution for all your needs. 

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